Klinger additions 

The Klingers had purchased a beautiful home in Atlanta, but just need a few tweaks here and there to get it exactly right.  Kanon Architects is working with the family to design a front porch and gorgeous all-seasons pavilion out back, perfect for football games and grilling on the egg!

galang residence

The Galangs own a home in Decatur, and they wanted to bring it up to a more modern/traditional interpretation of the Prairie School architectural style.  They loved the Asian influence Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated into his designs, and were looking for something along those lines.  Kanon Architects has obliged, and after meeting with Decatur zoning and building officials, is near completing the permit documents required to get this beautiful design bought and built!

container homes

Never shying away from a modern design, Kanon Architects is currently working with their expertise of construction with shipping containers to develop unique and inspiring container home designs for a client looking to develop in down-town Atlanta.

hardison porch

The Hardisons had the perfect home, but were only lacking an outdoor living space.  The design for their outdoor living space incorporated a grilling station with room for the Big Green Egg, a spacious area for seating around the outdoor fire-place and TV, and some nice detailing.

collins renovation

The Collins Kitchen was transformed from the original 1980's design to a modern, open, and airy kitchen that is enjoyed at every meal.  The original layout had partitioned and closed off spaces, with little storage, cabinetry, an under-used wet bar, and no pantry.  Re-configuring spaces, blowing out walls, and shifting use adjacency put this kitchen remodel levels above a simple counter/cabinet replacement.  

While we were at it, we enlarged their Master Bathroom and swapped out new vanities!detailing.