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Dr. Sprayberry was competing with newly designed neighboring offices, and needed to update his established practice.  Kanon Architects paired with a local Interior Design firm was able to update the exterior and interior of this office, giving it a fresh, contemporary, and warm open space.  The transformation is remarkable and has earned many compliments from patrons.


Our client has a new development under construction, but has a need to lease out the apartments before the leasing center is actually complete.  We designed a Pre-Leasing Center which displayed all the appliances and finishes available in the forth-coming apartments.  We also provided beautifully designed spaces included offices and a Virtual Reality station so that leasing out the building would be a breeze.


The client was looking to upgrade the gym serving their apartment community, but just didn't know how.  They had a basketball court conversion that was a double-height gym space with scattered pieces of equipment.  Creative spacial planning and programming developed an upper-level entry onto an aerobic mezzanine, creating a 2-story fitness center.  Some boot-camp styled exercise equipment was introduced, and a fitness on demand spin studio was created below the mezzanine.  The client now has a fitness center that works for them to sell residents on their new apartment experience.