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architectural survey

as-built drawings


We have experience scanning and surveying commercial spaces up to 20,000 square feet and residences of all sizes.

The first step in completing a renovation, improvement, or addition to a commercial or residential space is to document what is currently existing.  This process of documenting the "As-Built" conditions is typically a painstaking, lengthy procedure, which requires a designer in the field taking hand measurements and notes to later return to the task of drawing or modeling the existing space. This can often be an additional service, or charged hourly which often takes quite a bit of time and money.

Kanon Architects is able to mitigate those costs and that time by providing 3D Scanned As-Built Modeling Services.  Our technician in the field will:

  • Scan with our Laser Scanner 

  • create a point cloud

  • Create a Revit Model


  • create drawings of the space

This process is highly accurate, relying on digital data and photography rather than notes and hand measurements.  The end product of a fulll Revit model also saves time, money, and fee from any design professionals you as a client decide to hire.

These services are great for:

  • Owners trying to produce Record Drawings

  • Owners performing due diligence

  • Contractors trying to coordinate sub-contracted services

  • Architecture firms trying to out-source As-Built services to save time and money

  • Developers trying to have existing conditions data to pass off to design professionals

Kanon Architects is fast, efficient, smart, and able with Point Cloud management.  Some firms will deliver 3D models that reflect existing massing, but do not take into account architectural tectonics.   Kanon Studios, being a practicing Architecture Firm/Contractor, will be able to interpret large massing for what they are in order to deliver the best modeled BIM file possible.  no paper thin floors, dimension-less ceilings, 5 foot thick walls, or modeled--in-place fascia boards will be found in our models.  

Contact us below to get a free consultation on how we can trim your timeline down while keeping your wallet fat. 

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